Sunday, August 29, 2010

Quantum Matrix 3D Math Art

Second Life artist/builder Gingered Alsop has recently created a new device that automates the generation of beautiful mathematical 3D sculptures. Called the Quantum Matrix, these creations must really be viewed firsthand to fully appreciate. I'll attempt to present here a few snapshots, a video, and several links to view a demonstration of the Quantum Matrix. The Quantum Matrix will be on display at the University of Western Australia 3D Art & Design Challenge. Go see it!

This is a video I made of photos Gin and I took at her lab.
Parameters for prims and mathematical equations are provided via notecards to a sophisticated LSL script to generate these awesomely beautiful works of art.
Gin owns Phi Designs which runs an in-world store with demos. See my review of the Chamber, a particle lab by Phi Designs.
Many more photos of the Quantum Matrix (those used in the video above) can be seen at my Flickr photostream.
 The artist herself! Photo taken by Gingered Alsop. Gin is way super smart, funny, sweet, nice, and as you can see, cute!

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