Sunday, August 29, 2010

Phi Designs' Particle Chamber

If you'd like to produce those pretty sparkly effects you see in art galleries and cool clubs but you are not a programmer then Phi Designs may have just what you're looking for. The Chamber is a particle lab & particle generator that comes in several versions.

The Chamber Versions
  • The Emitter is a low cost (L$49) personal particle generation system that is attached to the avatar. It is a single particle emitter which can accept new patterns available as add-ons.
  • Chamber Lite is a 19 emitter system of particle generators to create exotic visual effects. The Lite version can also accept new particle patterns as add-ons and costs L$499. Chamber Lite documentation can be found on the Phi Designs blog.
  • Chamber Professional is a 19 emitter system of particle generators and includes all additional pattern add-ons. Additional emitters can be added to the Professional edition. Features include the ability to create additional spin devices, your own patterns, modify existing patterns, and a 26 page user guide. Cost of the Professional edition is L$4999.
  • Chamber Pro Builder a version to support the use of generated particle systems in your build is currently in development.
The demonstrations of the Chamber are very impressive. It seems almost anyone should be able to use this product to produce dramatic visual effects without having to know anything. The availability of low-cost versions for personal use is a plus.

The Chamber's ease of use and availability in low-cost versions are two good reasons to prefer it over Jopsy Pendragon's Porgan.The Porgan is also an excellent particle generation system, has been around for a long time, and is built by SL's preeminent particle technician. Additional info on features of the Porgan are available in the Porgan user guide. At L$999 the Porgan is probably more suited for the programmer techie and less so for personal use.

For further information and demonstration of the Chamber you can view a YouTube video of the Chamber, visit Phi Designs demonstration store in-world, or visit the Phi Designs website.

Phi Designs products are also available on Xstreet.

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