Saturday, August 7, 2010

Long Brown Skirt & Fringe Boots

I had a blast dancing at Organica in my new long brown skirt & flexi fringe boots. It's refreshing to me when I find an outfit that is comfortable, stylish, well made, and doesn't look like it was designed by a hormonal teenage boy.
I also wore new long hair and a tank top to complete my comfy innocent hippie look perfect for grooving to the psy trance mixing of DJane Qee.
Long brown skirt from Argrace
Flexi fringe brown suede boots from LindaLou Boots
Flourish sheer string tank top from Alessandra
Bangle, nails, rings from Mandala
Cream strawberry hair from Nikita Fride

Photography at Organica by Missy Restless

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