Sunday, August 22, 2010

Missy Profiles

Here are a few of the profiles I've used.

Drama Slave:

I love drama! And gesture spam, OMG, I get moist watching my comments scroll up into space when a spank fest breaks out! I get so HAWT when the sophisticatd Goreans reveal to me how becoming a humiliated sex slave will unleash my true nature. I think it's really neat that my friendship can be used as a means of advertising events and sales! Plus, I don't need to have EVER spoken to you before you ask me for friendship. In short, you can see how much I love SL so please feel free to have sex with me.

Lag Laughter:

Hi! My goal is to reduce lag by emitting cheery phrases and seriously funny one liners. Lick lag with laughter!

I would also like to be able to find a way to get rid of a good chunk of my bloated inventory. Maybe invite me to your rez day party and I will re-gift one of my freebie outfits ?

I am not a dom or a sub or a slave or a master or a vampire or anything like that. I'm a fun loving girl who likes to dance and chat and hang with friends. I also love learning new stuff about sl so turn me on! 


Hi! I've started a Second Life fashion and product review blog at and a Second Life Nudes blog at

Check 'em out and tell me what you think. Feel free to critique, make review recommendations, point out what you like, any and all feedback appreciated. If you have products/clothing you wish to see reviewed or want to be photographed just let me know.

Blogs (revised):

Hi! I love the music of Rodrigo y Gabriela -

I love myself so much I've started a Second Life fashion and product review blog at

Does that mean I am a heavy metal flamenco loving narcissist? What is the difference between apathy and ignorance? I don't know and I don't care. 


Hi! I love it here.

I am creating digitally enhanced photographs of models and sl nature settings. See my Web tab for my Snapzilla photo gallery. I have an in-world photo gallery and studio, Restless Studio. My photos are available on Xstreet - search for "Missy Restless". I also provide professional photography services by appointment - IM me or drop a notecard.

I worship beauty, nature, truth, and love. And anything that makes me laugh. I am single and bi-sexual.


Wanna spend "time" with me ? Show me how to:

- Rotate a notecard with my profile in determined on which group tag I am wearing
- Create dynamically generated animated fractal tattoos
- Detect scripts listening to local chat, e.g. chat spy scripts
- Make significant Lindens outside of real estate sale/lease
- Reduce lag by emitting cheery phrases and seriously funny one liners
- Share my iTunes library in SL
- Make obnoxious gesture spammers spontaneously combust in a pyhrric tower of Woot's and Wolf Howls

Who I Would Do:

Girls - yes!
Guys - maybe if you're really funny and super smart
Animals & children - no
Creatures, furries - probably not
Elves, fairies, mythical creatures on a case by case basis
Dragons - OMG!
Plants and unicellular organisms - you wish


I believe in etiquette ( and manners ( Not as a matter of rule or dogma but because the use of manners can make a guest feel comfortable. That is, etiquette and manners are one way to show someone you care about how they feel. The lack of manners is an indication of either ignorance or apathy regarding the welfare of others.

Everything here by Missy Restless and not Samuel Clemens although it may seem otherwise.

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