Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Lighter Side of Wikipedia

So you don't think Wikipedia is awesome ? You may also believe it to be dry and totally devoid of humor. Bzzzt! Check out the synopsis of Baby Got Back for proof of awesomeness.

Still not convinced ? Ok, buckle up for a long bumpy ride through the Lamest Edit Wars of Wikipedia! Here's the intro illustration and caption for this article:
An unidentified clerk (center) tries to bring to an end a great edit war involving dozens of respected editors. At her feet, three bewildered newcomers are seen caught in the middle of the dispute.

The visually oriented (or those averse to reading on and on and on and on) may prefer this graphical representation of the lamest Wikipedia edit wars.

The talk pages at Wikipedia are consistently hilarious. Here people seem to just say whatever pops into their heads, pertinent or not. Take, for instance, the August 19, 2010 entry on the talk page for The Beatles Wikipedia article (unedited, just as it appears):

The things are ever so complicated and i have to say all stories surronded this band, I saw James Paul McCartney a real leader as memeber who kept on the group together,he plays a lot music instruments, was a good student at primary school, he composes easily,i know he depressed after the dissolution, John Winston Lennon was a leader as an author at especially the beginning, i know he liked poetry and did the school of arts,i know he wanted to leave the group after meeting Yoko Ono, George Harisson was a reserved person but i see him very keen, he was the younger, i know he couldn't put more than a song in an album, john tell him how to write a song in a same mood...Paul didn't want to help him one day they were disputing when they recorded Let it Be,he introduced the indu music, one day he said they could run a danger by meeting people like kennedy ...Ringo started in 1962, i know he stayed in bed during two years , he worked at a factory of wood, eight days a week was his elocution, paul john and george helped him a little... he wrote with george uctopus garden.he wanted to be actor. Brian Epstein was their manager and george Martin their arranger productor. I saw a film when they begun in Hambourg, they were really different, i saw Lennon and McCartney always fussing and fighting each other about the drummer, McCArtney was on horse lennon was mixing with feelings, they were with pleasant wommen.... there was Breaks durring Let it be session.... Later yoko forbidden julian for some mock up... I think lennon later was tired for commitments...his solo songs had a very sensed I think McCartney didn't want to be involved as a singer, he is not like that ..but he was right in a certain point of view. He said in Beatles he was free how to write songs.i apreessied flaming pie and drivin rain....he did hearted work in a classiacal album, but it's not the pain to be accidented with a taxi when he say i appressiate your own song.

Need I say more ? Wikipedia - awesome & funny!

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