Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Digits - Shape Parameters

Recently Strawberry Singh posted some of her avatar's shape parameters on her blog and it fueled a frenzy of "My Digits" posting. Not to be left out of any fad, below are some of the digits I use in my shape. I also have a skinny shape with smaller butt size I wear when wearing Asian clothing which is apparently not made for my big fat American size butt.
There is also a Flickr group "What's Your Digits ?" with hundreds of digit pics in the pool.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Couverture Fur Miniskirt

I recently discovered couverture, a cute little shop where I found a few really nicely made items. Here I am wearing the fur miniskirt I found there (L$170).
The skirt, as usual, required a bit of adjustment to get it to fit my big butt. Once resized slightly it fits perfectly and I love the way the prim skirt dances around my thighs as I move.
Browsing my inventory I found the Sweety Camisk from Junbug which provided a sexy matching top.
Round the outfit off with Yolanda shoes from Kalnin's and nails, rings, & bangles from Mandala.
Tada! A simple sexy outfit that fits perfectly.

A closeup of the shoes from Kalnin's shows how their HUD allows me to match any of their nicely scripted shoes to my outfit or mood. Be sure and delete the scripts once you've finished adjusting.