Saturday, July 31, 2010

VTwins Overalls on a '31 DeSoto

I came across some photos of old vehicles released under a Creative Commons license so I thought I'd take a few snapshots of myself posing in front of a few of them. Here I am reclining on a '31 DeSoto.
I'm wearing my overalls from VTwins Biker Outfits, a garage shirt from League, black leather gloves from Sassy Kitty, and ankle boots from N-Core.
Afterward I rode my low rider over to The Mother Road.

Overalls from VTwins Biker Outfits
Berry red garage shirt from League
Ankle boots from N-Core
Black leather gloves from Sassy Kitty
Hair from Calico Ingmann

Friday, July 30, 2010

Hibiscus Fairy Isolde Wings pt 2

This is my third session with the hibiscus fairy. She seems quite relaxed around me now and even struck a few poses seemingly wanting to show off for the camera.
She's again wearing an outfit from Velvet Rythms with boots from Pelletteria Morrisey, wings from Material Squirrel, but today the hair is from Calico Ingmann. In addition it looks like her nails, rings, and bangle are from Mandala.
Something I couldn't portray in still photo is the way the Isolde Wings move so sensually and cycle through a range of blue, green, and purple colorings apparently as the fairy mood alters.
Fairies are so playful! And apparently not immune to some degree of vanity :)
Kids at home - don't try this without a really nice pair of wings that you have grown accustomed to!
Shabby Sheek outfit from Velvet Rythms
Hair from Calico Ingmann
Isolde Wings in Ocean from Material Squirrel
Pink denim boots from Pelletteria Morrisey
Nails, rings, & bangles from Mandala 

Photography by Missy Restless

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hibiscus Fairy Isolde Wings

I discovered a small band of Hibiscus Fairies living in the hibiscus bush on my front deck. Not knowing how to photograph fairies I set about to capture one in photo. My first attempts (see below) indicated that these fairies did not fully reflect sunlight like normal subjects. I gradually produced a filter that was able to reveal this fairy perched precociously on the petal of a hibiscus flower.
She was quite friendly and willing to model even though it took hours to adjust the filter to compensate for the apparent transparency of fairies. She told me her dress is from Velvet Rythms, the wings from Material Squirrel, hair from sWEET, and boots from Pelletteria Morrisey.
I did not realize that spending time with a fairy can have dramatic psychogenic effects on the nervous system.
MICHY 2set dress from Velvet Rythms
Hair from sWEET HAIRs
Isolde wings in Ocean from Material Squirrel
Pink denim boots from Pelletteria Morrisey

Photography by Missy Restless

Lady Thera's Van Gogh Blossom

I wore Lady Thera's Van Gogh Blossom dress to The Museum of Modern Art at the Newport Gallery of Fine Arts. The museum grounds are beautiful with willow trees, fountains, peacocks, and pleasant poppies scattered over manicured lawns. Inside the museum halls are adorned with artworks from a variety of painters including Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Dali, Matisse, Monet, and Davinci.

Lady Thera's specializes in dresses created in the style of classical painters like those exhibited at the MoMA in Newport. Plus, this particular dress in the style of Vincent Van Gogh reminds me a bit of a peacock. The location seemed a fitting venue for a photo shoot.

Peacocks, even in SL, are finicky birds. They love to show off their beautiful plumage but only at their discretion. I found myself hurriedly running from one pair to another trying to pose, position my camera, and shoot before they closed or turned. A fun game!

I couldn't resist taking a few photos with works by Monet.

Hair from sWEET HAIRs
Van Gogh Blossom dress from Lady Thera's
Nails & rings from Mandala 
Shoes from Kalnins

Photography by Missy Restless

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Mother Road

Hanging out at the Texaco station on The Mother Road. Trying to figure out why there is a Mobil poster up on the wall of a Texaco station but, hey, didn't Mobil get bought by BP so who knows.

The Mother Road is an actual real road in Second Life. It is really done well. All the photos here were done with no post photo editing work at all. I didn't even crop them.

 Inside the Diner is a Dr. Who pinball machine.

Fashion, you ask ? Where is the fashion ? Oh! Check out the cool leather bomber jacket from CoCo and the sexy outfit from :SK Design. Everything looks better when viewed in front of a rustic fifties gas station or diner, don't you think ?

Dress, Stockings, Pants by :SK Design
Nails, rings, & bangles from Mandala
Jacket by CoCo
Sunglasses by Kalnins
Hair by Calico Ingmann

Photography by Missy Restless

Monday, July 26, 2010

Front Lace-Up Bra from J's

I really love the front lace-up bra from J's. However, there are a few tricks to making it fit right - I'll explain below.
 The bra comes with an assortment of extras including garters, stockings, and even a belly piercing. The th*ng p*nties are super nice and add the hawt when you need it turned up.
It's a prim bra and comes with either spine or chest attachments as well as a choice of clothing layers. The prim attachment is a nice feature but unfortunately Linden Lab has not yet implemented bra physics to accompany the breast physics available in some viewers.

What this means is you may think you have fitted your bra properly but if a viewer has breast physics turned on they may see your b**bs bouncing in and out of the bra! I used the pretty nifty fitting hud included in the package to thicken my bra so my b**bs don't bounce out and it still looks and fits perfectly.
The fitting hud is very cool but took me a few tries to figure out. Be sure and make a backup copy of the prim bra you are fitting before modifying it with the hud (although there is a Reset button to take it back to the original settings). The accompanying notecard is pretty worthless but there is a texture included with the package that has instructions. I have not yet figured out how to delete the scripts once the bra is fitted - I do this with all my shoes and other items that have resize/fitting/color scripts so as to reduce lag. If you figure out how to delete the bra scripts, let me know.
I wore my black leather Alessandra and black nails, rings, & bangles from Mandala along with black Yolanda shoes from Kalnin for an all black look I love. Getting a little worked up dancing with your sexy friend ? Just take your pants off to reveal the tiny th*ng p*nties!

Hair from Calico Ingmann
J's Front Lace-Up Bra and p*nties from J's MainShop
Nails, rings, & bangles from Mandala
Black leather pants from ALESSANDRA
Shoes from Kalnins

Photography by Missy Restless

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jeans & Tank Casual Look

That's right, sometimes I just feel like kickin' it in  tank top, jeans, and my chucks. To me fashion isn't about looking like a runway model or a magazine ad, it's about letting your look accurately portray the way you are feeling. Fashion is a way of expressing yourself, a way of communicating in a non-verbal .... fashion. Anyway right now I am feeling kinda casual. So here is my non-verbal statement of how I feel:
Pretty simple - is it fashion ? I think so but you be the judge.

Hair from Calico Ingmann
Eyes of Darkness gothic choker from INCA Temple
Flourish sheer string tank top from Alessandra
Multi-bracelets from Son!a
Blue jeans from Equilibrium
Nam II Couture sneakers from UK Couture

Photography by Missy Restless

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lover Gown / Botanical Gardens

I visited one of my favorite places in Second Life, the SL Botanical Gardens, in one of my favorite gowns - the rose Blaze Lover from Blaze. I adore the botanical gardens and hang out there frequently. If you go, look all over the island and don't miss the spectacular waterfalls cascading down into a super little swimming area and floating platform.

This gown was given to me when I served as a friend's Maid of Honor at her SL wedding. Lucky for me it is a style I really love - most gowns I find overly pompous and really too big. This one is just right!
Front and back before the waterfall

A few more for your pleasure :)

Blaze Lover Gown Cost: L$700

Photography by Missy Restless

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Velvet Rythms Myst Blue at Hikari

I visited Hikari in the Myst Blue outfit from Velvet Rythms.
Beautiful gardens, trees, traditional temples, meditation spots, zen-style gardens, romantic hideaways, tai-chi, and yoga make Hikari a wonderful location to relax and spend some quality SL time with a partner, friend, new acquaintance, or solo.

One of my very favorite outfits, I'm wearing the baby doll with strapless top version - the outfits from Velvet Rythms usually come with several different styles to choose from. Velvet Rythms also has two of the best MM boards I have found so get on over there!

Natalie V1.0 04FB hair from sWEET HAIRs
Laoris fairy/elven choker from INCA Temple
Myst Blue baby doll strapless dress from Velvet Rythms
Nails, rings, & bangles from Mandala (left arm)
Multi-bracelets from Son!a (right arm)
Shoes from Kalnins

Myst Blue Cost: L$595

Photography by Missy Restless

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Emma Peel at TimeForce 10 HQ

Here I am at TimeForce 10 Headquarters wearing my Emma Peel outfit from L&G Skyshop. Sometimes a girl just wants to feel like a super sexy secret agent. And what better place for that than TimeForce 10 Headquarters? From here I timeported to several fantastic spots using the advanced TimeForce 10 computers:

Emma Peel outfit on Xstreet: L$299

Oh, and thanks to the original Emma Peel for setting such a great role model for future super sexy secret agents:

Monday, July 19, 2010

THiNC Printing Press

The THiNC Printing Press is made by THiNC SL primarily run by Toneless Tomba at THiNC island. The press works in conjunction with the THiNC Book (which is required) allowing you to publish your own book. The press can be used to publish  photo albums, periodicals, newsletters, product catalogs, model portfolios, standard books - anything that can be put on a texture.

The THiNC Printing Press creates an exact copy of your THiNC Book for unlimited distribution. Each publication produced has no modify but copy & transfer rights. The copy & transfer rights can be changed according to the authors preference.  The publication will display all the pages and look the same as the THiNC Book including the sounds,  page animations, HUD display and user interface.  Menu options allow the user of the publication to find information about the book such as author and date published, advance pages, change the size of the book, turn off sounds, turn on full bright pages, and hide the book in HUD mode.   The author can also include a landmark, note card and URL.

Cost: L$895 for the current Xstreet listing plus L$75 per THiNC Book (5 packs available inworld for L$325)

  • Published books are copy & transfer - permissions can be changed by the author to support sale or free distribution
  • Large total capacity for each book - almost 1000 pages
  • Unlimited book copying capacity
  • Encrypted secure data prevents copying of publications
  • Backup option allows republication if needed
  • Publications can be different sizes and layout ratios with custom covers
  • HUD mode support including the ability to hide HUD
  • Designed for stability and ease of use
  • Ability to add a landmark, note card, and URL
  • Advanced menu options include hide in hud mode, advance pages, info about book, other book preferences, HUD Resizing
  • Free upgrades

I have used the THiNC press for 6 months without a problem. The publications are easy to view either as standalone books on display in my gallery or as a HUD. The publication process is fairly simple once you have worked through it a couple of times. I recommend this press if you are looking for an easy to use publishing system that produces excellent quality books. The following are books I have published with the THiNC Printing Press:

Sinful Needs Alchemy Hud

The Sinful Needs Alchemy V4.0 Hud from Sinful Needs is an all-in-one hud providing a rich set of features. Created by Galathir Darkstone, the A4 Hud was originally designed to control his Sinful Needs A4 attachments & accessories (wings, horns, & tails). The hud does indeed control  these items but in addition Galathir has integrated several other devices into this hud:
  • Sinful Needs A4 attachments & accessories 
  • the ZHAO-II AO
  • an invitation-style dance hud
  • a fully-browseable facial animator
  • a smart flight assist
  • a multi-channel microphone
  • a 16 avatar color-coded region-load-sensing radar. 
Cost: L$500 for the current Xstreet listing

  • A4 Attachments & Accessories control of position, size, scale, textures, transparency, RGB tinting, brightness, shine, and glow
  • Dance hud supports 4 notecard configurable dance groups, random or sequential playback, Next & Previous dance buttons, up to 20 guest dancers, AND automatic disabling of the incorporated ZHAO-II AO
  • Facial animator features one click "Toothy Smile" & "Angry" buttons, as well as a third programmable button, and a 'Lock' feature to keep the animation alive as long as you want
  • Flight assist - fly to any altitude, maintain control near the ground
  • Multi-channel microphone can be set to channel 1,2 or 3 to accommodate most gestures without changing them
  • Minimizes nicely
  • all future updates delivered free and automatically
I use this hud primarily because of the integrated AO and Dance hud. The automatic disabling and re-enabling of the AO when you start and stop dancing is extremely convenient. The AO, like any ZHAO-II, is configurable and the Dance hud is easy to add dances to as well as configure groups of dances (up to 4 groups). I also use it to control my Sinful Needs wings. I consider the Sinful Needs Alchemy Hud to be an excellent purchase and really appreciate the ease with which I can configure and use my AO, dance hud, and wings using only a single hud.
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To learn more about the A4 Hud watch the video tutorials.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sexy Red Panties & Top

These sexy red panties and top are from Ema's Secret. There's a pretty good MM board there as well - hope I'm not letting the secret out. Lots of really nice clothing here. This outfit is a fav when I want to look seductively sexy. The Eyes of Darkness choker is from INCA Temple and the nails, rings, & bangles from Mandala. Body oil from LAQ and hair from Calico Ingmann.

Ema's Secret Valentine Sexy Red Cost: L$149

Photography by Missy Restless

Friday, July 16, 2010

Missy was a Scooby!

Yep, that's me between Spike and Xander looking over Buffy's shoulder. Terra was pretty jealous until Willow and I demonstrated how three is a "magic" number :)

Photo editing by Missy Restless using the Gimp

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lesbian Paradise Mall Brochure

A page from the brochure I produced for the mall at Lesbian Paradise. The photo is from the Library of Congress and is an old photo of some "dancers" at a county fair. I put the page together with the Gimp and ImageMagick.