Monday, July 26, 2010

Front Lace-Up Bra from J's

I really love the front lace-up bra from J's. However, there are a few tricks to making it fit right - I'll explain below.
 The bra comes with an assortment of extras including garters, stockings, and even a belly piercing. The th*ng p*nties are super nice and add the hawt when you need it turned up.
It's a prim bra and comes with either spine or chest attachments as well as a choice of clothing layers. The prim attachment is a nice feature but unfortunately Linden Lab has not yet implemented bra physics to accompany the breast physics available in some viewers.

What this means is you may think you have fitted your bra properly but if a viewer has breast physics turned on they may see your b**bs bouncing in and out of the bra! I used the pretty nifty fitting hud included in the package to thicken my bra so my b**bs don't bounce out and it still looks and fits perfectly.
The fitting hud is very cool but took me a few tries to figure out. Be sure and make a backup copy of the prim bra you are fitting before modifying it with the hud (although there is a Reset button to take it back to the original settings). The accompanying notecard is pretty worthless but there is a texture included with the package that has instructions. I have not yet figured out how to delete the scripts once the bra is fitted - I do this with all my shoes and other items that have resize/fitting/color scripts so as to reduce lag. If you figure out how to delete the bra scripts, let me know.
I wore my black leather Alessandra and black nails, rings, & bangles from Mandala along with black Yolanda shoes from Kalnin for an all black look I love. Getting a little worked up dancing with your sexy friend ? Just take your pants off to reveal the tiny th*ng p*nties!

Hair from Calico Ingmann
J's Front Lace-Up Bra and p*nties from J's MainShop
Nails, rings, & bangles from Mandala
Black leather pants from ALESSANDRA
Shoes from Kalnins

Photography by Missy Restless

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