Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lover Gown / Botanical Gardens

I visited one of my favorite places in Second Life, the SL Botanical Gardens, in one of my favorite gowns - the rose Blaze Lover from Blaze. I adore the botanical gardens and hang out there frequently. If you go, look all over the island and don't miss the spectacular waterfalls cascading down into a super little swimming area and floating platform.

This gown was given to me when I served as a friend's Maid of Honor at her SL wedding. Lucky for me it is a style I really love - most gowns I find overly pompous and really too big. This one is just right!
Front and back before the waterfall

A few more for your pleasure :)

Blaze Lover Gown Cost: L$700

Photography by Missy Restless

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