Tuesday, July 13, 2010

White Sheer Knit Outfit

I follow CONNIE in a SEC and copied her use of the white sheer knit outfit from Cubic Effect. I mean, why follow if not to imitate?

I love this outfit and have already received several comments and compliments on it. I found I needed to edit and adjust the positioning of the straps and, as usual, the prim skirt portion of the outfit was difficult to get right. But, a little effort and a liberal lathering of body oil from Laq and you're good to go!

White sheer knit outfit from Cubic Effect
Laoris fairy/elven choker from INCA Temple
Nails, rings, & bangles from Mandala
Yolanda shoes from Kalnins Fashion Footwear

White sheer knit outfit Cost: L$386

Photography by Missy Restless

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