Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hibiscus Fairy Isolde Wings

I discovered a small band of Hibiscus Fairies living in the hibiscus bush on my front deck. Not knowing how to photograph fairies I set about to capture one in photo. My first attempts (see below) indicated that these fairies did not fully reflect sunlight like normal subjects. I gradually produced a filter that was able to reveal this fairy perched precociously on the petal of a hibiscus flower.
She was quite friendly and willing to model even though it took hours to adjust the filter to compensate for the apparent transparency of fairies. She told me her dress is from Velvet Rythms, the wings from Material Squirrel, hair from sWEET, and boots from Pelletteria Morrisey.
I did not realize that spending time with a fairy can have dramatic psychogenic effects on the nervous system.
MICHY 2set dress from Velvet Rythms
Hair from sWEET HAIRs
Isolde wings in Ocean from Material Squirrel
Pink denim boots from Pelletteria Morrisey

Photography by Missy Restless

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