Monday, July 19, 2010

THiNC Printing Press

The THiNC Printing Press is made by THiNC SL primarily run by Toneless Tomba at THiNC island. The press works in conjunction with the THiNC Book (which is required) allowing you to publish your own book. The press can be used to publish  photo albums, periodicals, newsletters, product catalogs, model portfolios, standard books - anything that can be put on a texture.

The THiNC Printing Press creates an exact copy of your THiNC Book for unlimited distribution. Each publication produced has no modify but copy & transfer rights. The copy & transfer rights can be changed according to the authors preference.  The publication will display all the pages and look the same as the THiNC Book including the sounds,  page animations, HUD display and user interface.  Menu options allow the user of the publication to find information about the book such as author and date published, advance pages, change the size of the book, turn off sounds, turn on full bright pages, and hide the book in HUD mode.   The author can also include a landmark, note card and URL.

Cost: L$895 for the current Xstreet listing plus L$75 per THiNC Book (5 packs available inworld for L$325)

  • Published books are copy & transfer - permissions can be changed by the author to support sale or free distribution
  • Large total capacity for each book - almost 1000 pages
  • Unlimited book copying capacity
  • Encrypted secure data prevents copying of publications
  • Backup option allows republication if needed
  • Publications can be different sizes and layout ratios with custom covers
  • HUD mode support including the ability to hide HUD
  • Designed for stability and ease of use
  • Ability to add a landmark, note card, and URL
  • Advanced menu options include hide in hud mode, advance pages, info about book, other book preferences, HUD Resizing
  • Free upgrades

I have used the THiNC press for 6 months without a problem. The publications are easy to view either as standalone books on display in my gallery or as a HUD. The publication process is fairly simple once you have worked through it a couple of times. I recommend this press if you are looking for an easy to use publishing system that produces excellent quality books. The following are books I have published with the THiNC Printing Press:

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