Monday, July 19, 2010

Sinful Needs Alchemy Hud

The Sinful Needs Alchemy V4.0 Hud from Sinful Needs is an all-in-one hud providing a rich set of features. Created by Galathir Darkstone, the A4 Hud was originally designed to control his Sinful Needs A4 attachments & accessories (wings, horns, & tails). The hud does indeed control  these items but in addition Galathir has integrated several other devices into this hud:
  • Sinful Needs A4 attachments & accessories 
  • the ZHAO-II AO
  • an invitation-style dance hud
  • a fully-browseable facial animator
  • a smart flight assist
  • a multi-channel microphone
  • a 16 avatar color-coded region-load-sensing radar. 
Cost: L$500 for the current Xstreet listing

  • A4 Attachments & Accessories control of position, size, scale, textures, transparency, RGB tinting, brightness, shine, and glow
  • Dance hud supports 4 notecard configurable dance groups, random or sequential playback, Next & Previous dance buttons, up to 20 guest dancers, AND automatic disabling of the incorporated ZHAO-II AO
  • Facial animator features one click "Toothy Smile" & "Angry" buttons, as well as a third programmable button, and a 'Lock' feature to keep the animation alive as long as you want
  • Flight assist - fly to any altitude, maintain control near the ground
  • Multi-channel microphone can be set to channel 1,2 or 3 to accommodate most gestures without changing them
  • Minimizes nicely
  • all future updates delivered free and automatically
I use this hud primarily because of the integrated AO and Dance hud. The automatic disabling and re-enabling of the AO when you start and stop dancing is extremely convenient. The AO, like any ZHAO-II, is configurable and the Dance hud is easy to add dances to as well as configure groups of dances (up to 4 groups). I also use it to control my Sinful Needs wings. I consider the Sinful Needs Alchemy Hud to be an excellent purchase and really appreciate the ease with which I can configure and use my AO, dance hud, and wings using only a single hud.
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To learn more about the A4 Hud watch the video tutorials.

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