Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jeans & Tank Casual Look

That's right, sometimes I just feel like kickin' it in  tank top, jeans, and my chucks. To me fashion isn't about looking like a runway model or a magazine ad, it's about letting your look accurately portray the way you are feeling. Fashion is a way of expressing yourself, a way of communicating in a non-verbal .... fashion. Anyway right now I am feeling kinda casual. So here is my non-verbal statement of how I feel:
Pretty simple - is it fashion ? I think so but you be the judge.

Hair from Calico Ingmann
Eyes of Darkness gothic choker from INCA Temple
Flourish sheer string tank top from Alessandra
Multi-bracelets from Son!a
Blue jeans from Equilibrium
Nam II Couture sneakers from UK Couture

Photography by Missy Restless

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