Friday, July 30, 2010

Hibiscus Fairy Isolde Wings pt 2

This is my third session with the hibiscus fairy. She seems quite relaxed around me now and even struck a few poses seemingly wanting to show off for the camera.
She's again wearing an outfit from Velvet Rythms with boots from Pelletteria Morrisey, wings from Material Squirrel, but today the hair is from Calico Ingmann. In addition it looks like her nails, rings, and bangle are from Mandala.
Something I couldn't portray in still photo is the way the Isolde Wings move so sensually and cycle through a range of blue, green, and purple colorings apparently as the fairy mood alters.
Fairies are so playful! And apparently not immune to some degree of vanity :)
Kids at home - don't try this without a really nice pair of wings that you have grown accustomed to!
Shabby Sheek outfit from Velvet Rythms
Hair from Calico Ingmann
Isolde Wings in Ocean from Material Squirrel
Pink denim boots from Pelletteria Morrisey
Nails, rings, & bangles from Mandala 

Photography by Missy Restless

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