Thursday, August 19, 2010

Getting Dressed - Use a Pose Stand

Use a nice pose stand with a pose that reveals all angles and pieces of clothing well. I sell a pose rug I created for L$25 but any good pose stand will do and many are freely available.

Why did I create my own pose stand ?
  • I didn't like the goofy looking pose almost all pose stands come with (the 180 degree turn with arms out)
  • I found it often necessary to turn off my AO to use a pose stand as the pose stand script would simply try to override the standard sit animation and not the one my AO was using
  • I wanted a pose stand available at all times in my home but I didn't like having the stupid pose stand sitting there looking like maybe it was a teleporter so I wanted something that looked nice in my room
So, get a good pose stand (or pose rug in my case) and use it. A pretty simple tip.

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