Monday, August 2, 2010

Ferd's Free Google Translator

One of the things I love the most about Second Life is the international flavor. There are people here from literally every part of the world. Unfortunately, we don't all speak the same language so communication can sometimes be difficult.

In order to chat with my non-English speaking friends I use Ferd's Free Google Translator. This little free HUD makes it easy to converse in any language almost automatically. It's really a genius device and I recommend it for everyone. I don't wear the HUD all the time but if I find myself in a club or area with a lot of "foreign" languages being spoken I don it and dive into the banter.

Ferd's translator doesn't only translate outgoing messages into the recipients language, it does so for up to 16 recipients within 20 meters (normal chat) or 96 meters (shouting distance). Any incoming message to local chat that needs translation will be displayed in your native language. For local chat this thing is totally automatic. If you need to use it on other chat channels there are easy-to-use commands.

  •  Free!
  • Super-easy to use.
  •  Auto-detect 150+ and auto-translates in up to 52 languages.
  •  52 Language pairs are fully mapped both to and from
  •  Totally Automatic 2-way translation
  •  Private, no-spam Instant Messaging
  • 18-way Parallel operation for incoming and outgoing operations.
  • Super fast and mono-compiled. 
  • Built-in Avatar, distance, and language scanner. 
  • Works in no-script zones ! Other translators will drop dead or only half-work.
  • 16 different avatars can hear any of 52 translations at the same time
  • Spam-free - won't translate messages that are already in the target language
  • Won't translate messages when translation is identical to original
  • Translate Objects or/or Avatars
  • Attach to any HUD position with Auto-adjust
  • Supports all Unicode fonts, including accent characters
  • Super Tiny HUD
Ferd's Free Google Translator is, in my opinion, one of the finest devices available in any world. I wish we had such a thing in real life! You can pick up your free translator at or visit the online free translator site to learn more.

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