Sunday, September 4, 2011

Second Life DJ Scruff Oh

I really think the quality of DJ's in Second Life is amazing. Not only are there a lot of great DJ's but they seem to be gigging all the time and playing for pennies (or maybe a 50L tip here or there). Anyway, it's pretty cool that these talented DJ's are providing us with all this cool music and fun parties.

So, I wanted to give a shout out so some of my favorite DJ's in Second Life and provide a few links to their sites and sounds. I previously highlighted DJ Nico Flux. Today I want to focus on one of my favorite DJ's and follow up in future posts with several others. Please add your own links and shout outs in the comments.

DJ Scruff Oh is one of my favorite DJ's. Scruff is an Australian DJ with a great sense of humor and a feel for tunes. He also runs a website where you can see him spinning via his webcam while listening and dancing and chatting with him in SL. Pretty cool.
More to come! Check out my favorites on Soundcloud and my favorites on Mixcloud.

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