Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Restless Studio Full Perm Wikimedia Textures

Restless Studio provides several packages of full perm textures gleaned from Wikimedia. These textures have been cropped, scaled, and digitally modified for tiling. All are freely licensed for reuse, redistribution, and resale under one of the Creative Commons licenses. This means that Second Life residents can use them in their builds, modify them (with appropriate re-licensing), copy them, transfer them to others (again, with appropriate licensing), and even resell them.

Why buy these textures when they are freely downloadable at Wikimedia ? Well, you are certainly welcome to search through Wikimedia and download the upload at 10L per texture but the time and money you spend doing this yourself will far exceed the moderate price of the already prepared packages. In addition, most texture packs provided by Restless Studio are modified to allow seamless tiling of textures. This and many other questions are addressed in the Wikimedia Commons Product FAQ.

Here are links to the currently available Restless Studio Wikimedia Commons Texture packs:
Also available is the THiNC book "The Nudes of Wikimedia" which includes 42 freely redistributable full perm textures of high quality photographs of female nudes plus a THiNC book of these textures.

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