Monday, August 29, 2011

My Favorite Hair

I'm very picky about hair in Second Life. Maybe my head is too big or not round or something but most hair doesn't look right on me. Plus I hate resizing hair. So, I only have a few hairs I like to wear. Here are my favorites.

My absolute favorite hair is from Laq:

 Calico Ingmann makes a number of moderately priced nice hairs:

 sWEET Hair is consistently awesome:

 LALA Moon offers some really fantastic creations:
 I like the hair from Anaphora that includes this floppy hat:
 The hippie in me loves this hair from Nikita Fride:

Don't forget to delete the scripts in your hair after making a backup copy and resizing/positioning/configuring as hair can often have many laq inducing scripts.

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