Friday, September 16, 2011

Reservation and Payment System

I've recently added several new features to my Reservation Board. I received some excellent feedback from several board owners (especially Giovanni Benazzi) and have just released an update incorporating these new features.

The Restless Studio Reservation and Payment System is a one prim board that, when touched, presents a series of dialog menus allowing the user to select a destination/event, date, time, and class/duration of event. It will then accept payment to secure the reservation. Both the user and owner of the board are notified via Instant Message and, optionally, email. In addition to the details of the reservation being messaged, the board can be configured to deliver a ticket upon receipt of payment.

The Reservation System is available on the Second Life Marketplace and includes three pre-configured textured boards - one for airline reservations, one for event reservations, and one for escort bookings. The system is fully configurable and can easily be reconfigured and deployed in another context. Open Document and PDF formatted documentation for the Reservation System is freely available for review or download.

New features in this release include:
  • Classes of Events (e.g. Economy Class, Business Class, First Class). The type of class can be configured. For example, an event class type of "Duration" might have values of 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and 90 minutes with different prices for each.
  • Ticket delivery - upon receipt of payment for a reservation, a notecard, texture, or object can be delivered to the user. This can be used at the time of the event as a verification of reservation (e.g. a pilot who is not the owner of the board can confirm a passenger list). Tickets are No Copy / No Modify / Transfer.
  • A "Price List" button has been added for easy quick review of a list of destinations/events/classes and their prices.
  • A "Start Over" button has been added to allow the user to begin the reservation booking process over.
  • Multiple bookings in a single session are now supported.
  • Configuration notecard settings are verified. If you misconfigure the DAYS or TIMES setting so it doesn't exactly match up with the number of EVENTS then it reverts back to the default (all days, all times on the hour) and IM's the owner with a warning.
 What does all this add up to ? Well, according to Giovanni Benazzi, owner and operator of BENAIR Private Charters at Second Life International Airport:

[2011/09/16 11:11]  Giovanni Benazzi: you have the best airline booking available out there  :)

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