Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Amazing Art of Marcus Inkpen at The Looking Glass

Sharni Azalee and Marcus Inkpen have created a beautiful art gallery and surrounding sim, The Looking Glass at Horizon Dream. I initially visited to see the artwork of Marcus Inkpen as featured in the SL Designers Challenge. I was quickly drawn to the exquisite artwork of J. Matthew Root, on display in the gallery. Astounded, I looked him up on the web and in SL. Duh! J. Matthew Root is the RL artist also known as Marcus Inkpen in SL. Anyway, the art is awesome. Here is a selection of snapshots I took of some of his art starting with the one I went to see, La Mer, a 64 prim glass violin aquarium with animated tail & fins (L$600):

The next two snapshots are a piece titled OPIUM (L$600)

Next is a piece called ESCAPE (L$600)

This next one is called SLEEPY FAERIE (L$600)

The next snapshot is of THE IMAGINE WIND (L$600)

Next we have DISCOVERY (L$600)

Finally, this one is called WATER LILY (L$600)

Truly amazing. Thank you Marcus Inkpen. Hey, did everybody notice how all the art (even the animated aquarium) is only L$600 ? That is a way great deal. Go to Looking Glass and look around.

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