Friday, March 25, 2011

The Problem of Prim Chest Attachments

Last week I found some really nice sculpted nipples I decided to try. They look wonderful, were fairly easy to fit, and I was able to satisfactorily adjust the color to match my skin. You would think all is well and I can proudly wear beautiful 3D sculpted nipples. That is, until you view them in the Phoenix viewer with breast physics enabled. Any bouncing movement and it appears my nipples are coming off of my breasts :(

There is a lot of confusion about this problem. It's a problem that applies to any prim attachment worn on the chest or moved to cover the chest. And it's not a problem you can deal with. People think they can solve this problem in two erroneous ways:
  • I just won't use Phoenix
  • I'll use Phoenix but disable breast physics
These two "solutions" only mean that you will not see the problem on yourself or others. Others running Phoenix with breast physics enabled will still see your breasts bouncing through prim attachments. Half of the residents of Second Life use Phoenix and a good percentage of those residents enable breast physics (it was the number one reason for the dramatic increase in Emerald users). So, maybe 1 in 3 avatars will see the problem on you and others.

What is a real solution ? The only thing you can do is to edit the prim attachment so it is positioned slightly off of your chest and then thicken it as much as possible without distorting the look too much. My post on J's Lace-Up Bra has instructions on how to do this with J's hud. Other items will need to be edited manually. It is tricky and difficult but the only thing you can do aside from just not wearing prim attachments on your chest. This solution works well for my bra, corset, and bikinis but does not work for sculpted nipples as they really must be positioned close to the breast.

The only time I can wear my 3D sculpted nipples is when I know I will not be bouncing much - posing for photographs, sitting, etc.


  1. If'n you needs any help a-holding them bouncy rascals in place, ma'am, I are a first-rate expert when it come to cha-cha-bingos.

  2. could just have small breasts. :)

    19 on the slider scale here!