Sunday, March 13, 2011

Why You Should Use Phoenix Viewer Public Beta

I downloaded and installed the newly released Phoenix Viewer Public Beta for a couple of reasons. First, was frequently hanging and crashing. The beta is largely a bug fix release to address this issue. Secondly, and equally important, the beta contains a media filter feature which allows the user to select which media url's to allow/disallow. Why is this important ?

I viewed the recent RedZone scare with a sort of detached interest until I read the Alphaville Herald article on how the RedZone creators are tracking failed login attempts as possible SL passwords of their own users! Ok, RedZone is evil. I'm on board with those who have been trying to get it banned. How can a resident avoid RedZone and similar IP detection schemes inworld ?

The IP detection systems use the fact that a user's IP is exposed when opening a media url - e.g. the radio on a parcel. LordGregGreg has a pretty clear explanation of the issue. Users can choose not to play media but that significantly reduces the SL experience. Happily, the Phoenix Viewer Public Beta media filter feature allows the Phoenix user to selectively allow/disallow parcel/sim media. You can still enjoy the media at places you trust and ignore media at other locations. Most places play crap anyway!

So, way to go Phoenix dev team. I appreciate the quick bug fix for the crashing 908 and the media filter feature rapidly deployed.

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