Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bare Rose Asian Outfits

I love the large selection of reasonably priced highly detailed outfits at Bare Rose. Here I model a couple of Kimonos. The mini kimono is one of the many freebies available in the main store to the right. The blue kimono is one of four color combinations included in the L$125 B@R Sara in the Japanese section to the left.

Although the selections available at Bare Rose are astounding, many need extensive fitting and selection adjustments. It's worth it to spend a little time selecting your outfit items (not all of the pieces are necessary or, in my judgment, desired) and even more time resizing and adjusting the fit.

Finally, my secret for wearing Asian outfits in an attractive manner - decrease the size of your butt! Maybe Second Life Asian clothing designers have small butts. All I know is that my regular American shape makes me look really fat in Asian outfits. So, slim that butt down, select your outfit items, resize and fit them, and then go to Tempura Island to show off your new look!

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