Thursday, October 6, 2011

Phoenix Rising Risk Vest and Pocket Watch

Phoenix Rising must be going out of business or their minds since everything in the store is L$25 with discount items at L$1. I picked up a few more colors of my favorite vest and pocket watch as well as several nice tops and a gown. Super great sale - I have no idea how long it's going to last.

Here I am modelling the Phoenix Rising Risk vest and pocket watch. The pants are included in the package (now only L$25 !!). I'm also wearing a white dress shirt from Connors, Dragoness shoes from Kalnins, nails & rings from Mandala.


  1. that store was "going out of business" with that sale for about 6 months (long enough to roll my eyes with every "CLOSING SALE!!!!" notice), and then I guess she was still making money so she just left it all available.

  2. Interesting albeit apocryphal. At 25L it would take 10 sales to make $1 US. My visit was random but there were only about 5 people there (that's actually quite good for an SL store). So, let's say 40% of the customers buy something. At, again let's say 50 customers an hour, that would be 20 sales per hour at 25L which is 500L or $2 per hour. Ok, looking good, that's (given that the day is not continuous but timezones vary) maybe 5000L per day or $20 per day. What's the cost of the shop ? I guess they are making maybe some money but not very much. Of course, my estimates are all questionable. Especially the 40% buy rate!

    1. I suspect a lot of merchants are making most of their sales on Marketplace. I made a few freebies to help boost traffic for some friends and posted the items on marketplace for $10L (with a link to get the items for free inworld) and still make anywhere from $70-100L per day.

      Parcel traffic isn't always the best indicator of how well a product is selling--just ask my poor friends who are hosting my freebie boards, waiting for the crowds to trickle in.