Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Follow Me / Tweet These

Is it ok to review your own products ? Hey, it's my blog, I say yea! Plus the Interwebs are equal parts porn, cats, and self aggrandizement. So, here's my latest creation - the "Follow Me" transparent pants layer and "Tweet These" transparent jacket and undershirt layers.
This is the pants layer "Follow Me" worn over some underpants layer shorts in my inventory. Any underpants layer will work in conjunction with the Follow Me pants layer or it can be worn without underpants if you wish to, um, highlight your assets.
The "Tweet These" transparent jacket layer can be worn over either an undershirt or shirt. Similarly, the "Tweet These" undershirt layer can be worn with a shirt or jacket. Either can be worn alone as a tattoo. Fun, huh?

All three layers of the "Follow Me / Tweet These" clothing decals are available on Xstreet for 50L.

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